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We are reaching that point where we need to get help in getting over the hump of Grow or Die. We need to expand our marketing methodology, and that means money.


For You The Author

We will work tirelessly for you in an effort to getting your book available to the world. If we are going to get the attention of the world for your book, we will need to fund some form of advertising, unless you know a million people who are all ready to buy your book. If that is the case though, the big house book makers would be lining up to get it done. We haven't met anyone who has that problem, but we are willing to meet them, and we are willing to help. If you have a book, or collection of stories, poetry, or graphic novel, let us know. We will gladly look at your work and see if it is something that we can publish. But even if it is not in our wheelhouse, so to speak, we will still help you get it done, teaching you how to get through the process. We want to help. If you have dealt with a publisher before and discovered that they don't believe in you, or if you have had trouble getting an agent, we still want to help. Send us a note. We are ready to believe in you.

There are many large publishing houses that SAY they are interested in new talent, new voices, new material, but they throw up so many roadblocks that exhaustion is all many writers will ever receive. We will seriously examine your work, give advise as we can, make suggestions along the way, and do everything we can to make that dream come true. If what you write is not conducive to our model of operations, or just not a good match for our house, we will do something no other publisher will do. We can show you how to publish your own books, building them from scratch, format, title, copy, upload and even print, and do it well, so that all you have to do is tell the world about it.


Our Origins

Cross & Hammer comes to be out of severe frustration with a publisher. Keith Jenkins' first novel, was originally published by what may be termed an "investment press" at a cost. The idea of an investment press is that the author provides at least part of the funding for the production of the book, and the big house does the rest. The house that published the book was a subsidiary of one of the largest publishers in the world. When it came time to do some marketing, they asked for money, and more money. On one occasion, they asked for about $5000 to get the book into a national expo. Upon further investigation, he learned that he could get the book there for a few hundred dollars, and for far less that the FIVE GRAND he could have booked a flight and a room in New York City. But the standing suspicion is that they are collecting thousands from unsuspecting novice writers to add funds to their promotions for other, better known authors. The money has to come from and go to somewhere.

As you can imagine, from that process, with all the back and forth between Jenkins and the publisher, he learned most of the process, and the details of book construction, formatting, etc. Since then, he has been through the process, all alone, several times, learning more and more each time, so that now, he proves to be a proficient guide to others. It is an arduous adventure getting from a story to a book. Between the edits, the formatting, the creation of a cover, or the purchase of a pre-made finished cover, to the orders of proofs and re-edits - it is a process. It is both arduous and an adventure. As you, or your loved ones, watch the story you conceived come to life, growing into a finished, then refinished work, it is a Joy that few will know. Join us. Help us. And help us help you.

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