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The Worst Shooting

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About Us & What We Do

As a Cottage based publisher, Cross & Hammer publishes Fiction and Theology of a decidedly Biblical, Christian nature. While the Fictions presented do not always fit in the typical Christian Fiction genre, having far too much graphic reality for some, the principles established along the way and the morals taught in the end, are significant.

Our Theological works are from a no-nonsense, Conservative, Biblical, Christian perspective, without apology.


For You The Author

For the author we hope to find a way to get your book in print. This is not a vanity press, like many others, in that we do not charge a fee, produce a package, and get you a box of copies. If you want that, we can help you get it done for a lot less money. We are here to either publish your book, or teach you how to publish your own book, as best suits your needs and ours, and help you understand some of the intricacies of the publishing world. It can be a daunting reality, navigating the world of the printed word.

There are many large publishing houses that SAY they are interested in new talent, new voices, new material, but they throw up so many roadblocks that exhaustion is all many writers will ever receive. We will seriously examine your work, give advise as we can, make suggestions along the way, and do everything we can to make that dream come true. If what you write is not conducive to our model of operations, or just not a good match for our house, we will do something no other publisher will do. We can show you how to publish your own books, building them from scratch, format, title, copy, upload and even print, and do it well, so that all you have to do is tell the world about it.


Meet the Authors

We Will - try to understand your book and goals. We Will - Help you find the best way to produce your book. We Will - help you in that production process. We Will - Share whatever knowledge we can to help you be more effective as an Author.
When looking at a book, from a publisher's perspective, the point of the book may not be readily apparent. In this, we will ask your help, and try to discover what it is that you are trying to say, what kind of story you are trying to tell, and what is needed to tell it. There are some books and authors, for whom, nothing but the printed word, on paper, in hand will do. For other projects, maybe a digital formulation is a much better answer. There are some projects, like a good fiction or a theological tome, which should be presented in both formats. We can help you decide what works for you, and help you get there. Once you know what the final goal of your project may be, either digital or physical print, we can guide you through the process of bringing that to fruition because we have done it several times, and have helped others do the same. It is a process of steps, fairly simple steps, and one that can be easily navigated, once one sees it done. Learn it and do it! There are many little details to what is done in producing a book in either form, and there are many questions that can arise along the way, so communication can be quite helpful. We want to help you reach a happy conclusion to the task of "printing" your book, so answering questions is a big part of that. Let's talk.


What's New?



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Some of our Books


Fresh off the press are our two newest offerings.

The latest books of Cross & Hammer Publishing

Finding Eleanor is a Regency Romance - meaning that it is a period piece from (in this case) about the time of Napoleon, set in Britain, among the Peerage, what we may call the Aristocracy, or as they would say, "The Ton." It tells of the impending demands of a father on a young woman's potential choice of a husband, in ways that he feels will benefit the family, and their new-found social status. Father has inherited a substantial title and has gone from being a virtual nobody to being a member of standing in the House of Lords. His new stresses become her duress', and as you can imagine, her life is subject to change according to his new demands. Mark is a Special Forces Operator with years of life and war under his belt, and he meets a young woman - Rita - like he has never known, and in just a few minutes, in a conversation along the roadside, he finds something in her that he would rather not do without, ever. Miki’do “Mike” Ishikawa is a warrior woman driven by rage to destroy hundreds in her quest for revenge for her sister, but that changes when she meets an old man. The world changes because of a bet, a tyranny, a President, an Ayatollah, and the wisdom of Rita. Watch as Warriors wage war from around the world.
Finding Eleanor Cover The Warriors' Ends Image


After a long wait, the sequel to Misfit Toymakers, called, Mexican Mission.

Mexican Mission Cover

Follow the life of Reverend Bill (formerly Joshua Danz) and Family as they serve as missionaries in Mexico, then from Mexico they take their Mission to the UK to teach others how to be successful in Business and Life!


Second, is a collection of Religious Poetry by Bill Grace, retired Air Force Chaplain. It is a wonderful little Chap Book. We make it available to you free, to introduce you to Bill's special way with words. Take a look.




Misfit Toymakers Cover Flight 1037 is Gone! Don't Take My Word for It!
Misfit Toymakers
Misfits Made - Book I
Flight 1037 is Gone! Don't Take My Word for It!
But don't take theirs either.

It is an intrigue of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Loves of his life, as Joshua Danz discovers, then navigates the waters of international commerce to make a place in the world for a life where terrorists, politicians, millionaires and thugs aren't trying to kill him. Through it all there is the story of Love, leadership, personal responsibility and redemption.
This tale of a scorned lover or two, an attempted murder, some successful murders, accidents, tragedy, a global mega-enterprise that began with a ninja betrayal and led to the greatest disappearance of all time - "Flight 1037 is Gone!"

Learn where that Airliner went!
“Don’t Take My Word for It” encourages people to question. The author doesn’t want anyone to take his word for anything. Jenkins takes theology to a newly personal level by challenging the thoughts that have been put in our heads as we "Buy the Can" from our own teachers and preachers. This book is intended to be used as a Thought Provoker for its reader.
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