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We are aware of the times in which we live, and we want to help. But we are not producers of items that could save lives or ease suffering, as such. What we do is tell stories and share insights, so, because we are publishers and not a medical supply house, we are giving a story for your enjoyment. It is not a full book, but about 16 pages . . . a short story, to be sure, but still, we hope it will be worth a look. Share this link to all who come your way.


Just as a matter of precautions, we must let you know that we do not wish this story to be published anywhere else, without the Author's express, written permission. Permission can be requested by e-mail to





By clicking forward to view and read the story, you agree that it will not be shared by any other means than to share this page, that it will not be stored on any other device, that it will not be stolen is the bottom line. We hope you enjoy this tiny tome as a gift from us to give a bit of entertainment during these trying times.

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